Facility Rentals

Non-Sanford School and Non-Duke Entities

The Sanford School of Public Policy has a variety of rooms available for use by the Duke community, as well as those who serve the Duke community.   Our priority when assigning space is to our Public Policy faculty, staff and students as well as affiliated centers.  For non-Duke requestors, fees will apply

We have three types of meeting spaces. 

  1. Classrooms (Rubenstein Hall: 7739149, 7739151, 7739153; Sanford 772503, 772504, 772505, 7725102, 7725150, 7725224, and 7725225)
  2. Technical Rooms (Rubenstein Hall 7739157 and 7739162; Sanford 772509)
  3. Conference/Board Rooms (Rubenstein Hall 7739200; Sanford 7725223)

In general, our non-Sanford guests will not be able to reserve classroom spaces during the academic year until ten business days after the start of the fall and spring terms.  

The Conference/Board Rooms may be reserved up to six months before the event, but not further in advance.  

The use and reservation of Technical Rooms will be granted only after further information is provided about the nature of the meeting.  We reserve the right to refuse the use of these spaces during the academic school year as they are generally blocked for student use.

By requesting to use space in the Sanford Building or Rubenstein Hall, you agree that you have read and understand our policies

Return to this page for greening tips, catering suggestions, and event and AV staff contact information.

To reserve a room, visit the 25Live website:
Duke Users - http://25live.collegenet.com/duke
non-Duke Users - http://25live.collegenet.com/dukesched

All reservations in Sanford School spaces are at the discretion of the Dean of the Sanford School, who reserves the right to refuse the rental or use of the space, or even, if overriding necessity dictates, of bumping confirmed reservations to accommodate an event of major importance to the School.  We will periodically review these guidelines to ensure that we can address unforeseen issues that arise from their implementation.

Any persons with questions about these revised guidelines should contact Mary Lindsley, Special Events Coordinator.

Contact Information:

Jadrien Hill
Facilities Manager


Mary Lindsley
Special Events Coordinator

Richard Mitchell
Video Services Specialist


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